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Video Analysis - What Damien Howell Does

  • Your video clip is converted to slow motion in a format that works for your media player with voice over identifying specific faults and/or things that you already do well.
  • You will get visual data record of your current preferred technique/style/form of running.
  • At least fifty eight specific joint alignments, joint movements and correlations are checked and analyzed. At your request I can email the complete check off list to you.
  • Qualitative comparisons are made between the right and left side of the body, so that asymmetrical alignment and movement patterns can be addressed
  • Qualitative comparisons are made with known and hypothesized norms for joint alignments and movements so that faulty movement and ideal movements can be identified.
  • Before and after qualitative comparisons can be made for the same individual from one time to another, such as after participating in a specific training program a repeat slow motion video analysis can occur.
  • Answers (or suggestions of possible answers) to the question of what causes nagging recurring repetitive use injuries.
  • Suggest strategies to prevent the development of repetitive use injuries
  • Suggest how to improve your running form, economy of running, and how to run farther and/or faster.
  • Recommendations for specific references and resources (written, video) to help you learn to run with better form/technique/style.
  • Provide assurance that you may already have good running form/technique/style and that you should focus your resources and efforts on other training techniques in order to improve your running performance.
  • Assistance in identifying a geographically local professional for follow up intervention.
  • Will be available for follow up via phone and/or email
  • Information from some one who has used slow motion video analysis to help runners farther, faster, injury free for 25 years

Phone: 804-285-6818      E-mail:
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