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How to record and upload video data

Even if you don’t have a camcorder, you probably already have the tools to make a video recording.  Web cams, digital cameras, and even cell phones often have video recording features.  Many digital cameras have a simple switch to choose between stills and video.  So take a look at what you already have, and you may be surprised.  Most of these devices record in AVI, MOV, or MPG format, all of which can be uploaded to my web page.  

You will need some kind of connection to your computer, either to the USB or FireWire ports, or by inserting the DVD you’ve recorded.  Once you’ve downloaded the video from the camera to the computer, you can upload the data into a video editing application to massage the data or upload the video data directly to my web page

If you have an analog camcorder one that uses VHS, VHS-C, SVHS-C, 8mm, or Hi8 tape you can still get your videos to my web page. It will require an extra step and some additional equipment, since these camcorders are not usually equipped with computer connections.  You will need to digitize the video with a converter box, which will convert the analog signal from the camcorder to a digital signal that the computer can understand.  After the video has been digitized, you can upload it to my web page.    

Specifics for gathering video data of walking/running form/style/technique

  • Warm up adequately,
  • If recording outside film when there is good lighting, early day light is better.  The sun should be behind the camera. 
  • Camrea setup and running triangle patternRun an equilateral triangle course.  With the Camera at the peak of the triangle.  Run away from the camera approximately 25 yards.  This length of the triangle will record you from behind. 
  • Make a sharp 60 degree turn, and run parallel to the camera approximately 25 yards.  This length of the triangle will record a side view. 
  • Make a sharp 60 degree turn and run directly towards the camera, this length of the triangle will record you from the front. 
  • When you are about 15 feet from the camera turn, and run parallel to the camera about 15 feet. 
  • Run several laps of this triangle, until the camera operator has one good lap with the runner framed in the view finder from head to toe. 
  • If a treadmill is available record video from the side of the runner, and record video from the back of the runner.  Adjust the zoom control of the camera so that the runner fills the frame from head to toe, and zoom in and fill the frame from waist line to foot. 

Just do it:


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